From The Editor – Edward Perkins

At a time like this, I hardly know what to say. We should all be celebrating the success of so many of our peers, who have worked hard, grown, struggled, and given their all to graduate. We should all revel in their achievement, and it should be an inspiration to this entire institution. Alas, an ominous cloud hangs over this campus, blocking the radiance of this otherwise brilliant day. After 155 years of progressive teaching, real-world education, and academic excellence, this institution will be condemned to the pages of history, an idea and memory still certainly, but a living entity no longer. I guess I am between two minds. Half of me wants to celebrate Antioch College, be positive, and follow Bryan’s lead, thanking all my closest friends and the staff and faculty who have made a profound impact on my life. The other half is angry, ashamed to see the dream of Horace Mann come to a most unfitting demise after so many years. Continue reading From The Editor – Edward Perkins

From The Editor – Bryan Utley

My last words.

Throughout the entire term I have been racking my brain as to what my last editorial would be. At times I thought maybe I could just go all out and say some things I have wanted to say for three years. I am angry, angry that I didn’t graduate from the place I have dedicated so much energy towards, but instead of saying angry things I want to celebrate my time here. So, with that said, I want to say thanks to the people that have made my time here enjoyable. Natalie Adams, you are a beautiful, brilliant and talented person. I have traveled thousands of miles with you; you have been there when I needed a shoulder to lament on. You are my sister and best friend, and I can only hope to be more like you. Rachel Hamilton, our friendship was rocky in the beginning but it has blossomed into something beautiful that I wouldn’t trade for anything. You laugh at my jokes (when no one else does), and you’re my dance partner forever. You are also my sister, my confidante and I am a better person for having known you. Continue reading From The Editor – Bryan Utley

See you in Exile

On a night in January, I was looking at myself in the mirror of my bathroom at 4 a.m. I couldn’t sleep. Everything was theoretically okay though: I was safely escaping the winding down of Antioch, I was being reasonable and attentive to my feelings and health. I had taken a sound decision considering the circumstances, the little hope, the dimming down, the bruises, and I was supported in it by virtually everyone I knew. Until then, this rational discourse had satisfied and comforted me.

But at 4 a.m. in that cold empty bathroom, it was suddenly different. Maybe because of the insomnia that had turned my nights into atrociously agitated marathons for the past three weeks. Or maybe it came from the thought that classes would be starting soon at Antioch, and that I wouldn’t be there. Continue reading See you in Exile

Letter from Jude ’97

Antioch is a place that I will never forget and that I will always remember. As a spiritual person I now know that it is God (whatever name you choose to give him/her) who blessed me with the know-with-all to choose Antioch College and to complete my undergraduate education. It was an American education unique to liberal arts education in America. To this day I cannot thank my human ancestors who preceded me in the Civil Rights Movement and the Abolition Movement before it at Antioch College in little old Yellow Springs Ohio. I neither am prepared to let go or to say good-bye. It is a sincere prayer of mine that Antioch College remains open and that the Board of Trustees and the Antioch College Continuation Corporation agree to such an autonomous agreement.
I did not know as a teenager entering Antioch College that I’d settle down in Yellow Springs Ohio nor that I’d enjoy working with students, faculty, staff, and administration of Antioch College as an adult well into my thirties. Yet it is true. Here I stand having been impacted by and hopefully at my best impacted Antioch College in miraculous ways only God could conjure up. Now it is important to me that all you agnostics and people that do not believe in God out there not right me off as a televangelist or evangelical Christian with the Christian Right or something. Continue reading Letter from Jude ’97