Letter from Jude Logan Demers ’97

My People,
As an Antioch College Alumni ‘97, I am proud to share that I stood front row at Sen. Barak Obama’s presentation yesterday with my fiancé and 12,000 people.  I am also happy to share that I “taped” it and have uploaded it to our web site www.youtube.com/judemers .  I invite you to watch this motivational and inspirational speech in five parts.
The reason that I write this in my opening paragraph info is that us Antiochians are humanitarians.  It is time to appeal to Sen. Obama in seeking help and assistance for Antioch College.  I am offended and insulted by Antioch University’s Board of Trustees treatment of Antioch College’s Staff, Faculty, Administration, and Students.
We Antiochians of Antioch College fame have been the source of the philosophies, missions, moneys, knowledge, and wisdom that created Antioch University and it’s many Universities.
Community Government does not make irrational decisions from the top down.  Policies are not ignored.  People with decision-making power are not ignored.  All of these sacred elements are honored, respected, nurtured, and cherished.
Therefore, yes, negotiations need to be reopened.  If not, then we need to do as the founders of the New School did in New York City.  As they broke away from Columbia University we need to sever ties from Antioch University.  There are better times ahead.  Hope is a virtuous moral value that we share.  Yes we do have money to educate.  No we are not broke.  Yes we can govern ourselves.
Yes we can fund fundamental education of our collective history, contemporary art, film, video, radio, music, science, philosophy, psychology, sociology, and environmentalism.
Thank you for your time.  Thank you for sharing this space.  I appreciate all of you.  Fear not.
Thanks Kasper for the beats!  We did our funk, poetry, conscious rap thing up in the Emporium in Yellow Springs, Ohio on Friday night.  Long live music.  Long live the real Antioch College.  Peace and blessings one and all.
– Jude Logan Demers