Letter From Carl Hyde ’48

To the Editors:
The announcement at the community meeting on Friday contained no new information.  We already knew that the University would not continue to operate the College after July 1.  Why then was it presented as though it were news?
I believe that Toni Murdoch has her own agenda.  She has managed to make a simple issue so complicated that “we don’t have enough time to resolve all the questions!”  That kind of detail is not what we need now.  We need a simple statement of intent that the University plans to transfer ownership of the College to the ACCC effective July 1.  Details can be worked out before and after that date.
Toni wants the College to close and has consistently worked toward that end.
The longer she can delay any resolution, the harder it becomes to keep the College open. 
She sent Andrzej Bloch back by night flight to tell the students and faculty to “Look to your own career needs.”  In other words, “please go away.”  She wants the campus empty.  I believe she is surprised and annoyed that students and faculty have stayed firm and refused to abandon ship.  She has no understanding of the strength of the Antioch spirit.
Please keep the faith.  We can win this battle.
 Carl Hyde ‘48