Letter From the Editor – Bryan Utley

Love at Antioch

Does love exist at Antioch? Since this paper is coming out on Valentines Day it was only natural for most of the record staff to focus on the topic of love. People couldn’t stop talking about it during this week’s staff meeting and at first I was that bitter gay man but then I seriously sat down and started to think about this hallmark holiday.  Growing up I didn’t believe in love as seen in the movies instead I came from the school of thought that it was a feeling necessary to have in order to propagate our genes.  After all our species will die if we stop doing the nasty. Of course modern synthesis does have a few shortcomings I happen to be one. The feeling of love does exist at Antioch for example I know many couples who share that feeling for love with one another I did for most of my Antioch career (lets hope their relationships don’t end up like mine). To be honest I usually dread this “love” day but this year it might be a little different. I am surrounded by the people I love everyday and I am apart of the community I love and I work with some amazing people, that is what this day should be about. Tell your friends, coworkers, lovers and pets that you love them because life would be lonely without them.

Bryan Utley