Stacy WB, I think you’re really pretty.


Ich ead dich auf einen Kaffee ein!
Wann Hast Du zeit? Ich druch dich fest.

vegan panda sauce

A.L., Your eyes are sparkley and cute… you make me blush. Lets hang out.

Oh Travis, you are pretty sweet. But Katie is where it’s at.

The story is in the soil
Keep your ear to the ground

To the kid down the hall- You’re fun to flirt with.
[heart] The kid at the other end of the hall

Tyler Lee,  you make me laugh.

These walls have ears

A little story, Part 1:
Once upon a time there was a little goblin who loved making sand castles. One day, when he was alone on the beach, he met a seagull, who had come to admire the sand castle he was making. TO BE CONTINUED.

Beautiful Katie,
Happy Valentines!
Love Travis

James: You’re pretty much awesome.

Happy Valentines Day Kelly!
(heart) your roomate

Whenever I hear the wind whisper, it will say the word “Travis.”

Merry Christmas Caroline.

Ryan- The Alt Lib isn’t the pound. Please take your giant dog to be euthenized.

You can express your repressed lesbian desires with me.

Money is power. We have no power… or money.

R.H. + N.A. = BFF

Tim, Chicks dig your Elvis.
[heart] Rachel (not the pink one)

You’re really swell.
I hope you know that.

Shiny Lexus

Yo Antioch
I got all the girls.

You’re best Valentine a girl could ask for.
-your future 7-year itch.

ThankYou Katrina.


Dear Record Editors,
Happy Valentines Day!
(heart) A secret admirer