Letter from Collective

Dear Antioch College Community:

The past eight months have been extraordinary for our collective, and the experience of running for Community Government has been deeply meaningful in each of our lives. We have been fortunate enough to influence campus discourse and the future of the College by publicly naming what we believe to be the school’s dire needs. We are proud to see our ideas, including a fully-funded fourth CG Officer, an endowment for CG, the first year mentorship program, and the careful analysis and restructuring of our current shared governance model, added to the community agenda. Being at Antioch during this turbulent time has been nothing less than a high-speed rollercoaster ride. We have all played various roles and held various views on the future of Antioch. We greatly cherish the experience of working within shared governance and of campaigning as a collective for Community Government.

Regretfully, we must inform the community of our collective’s decision to step down as candidates for CG, for reasons both personal and political. As we look to the future and assess our individual wants and needs, we feel strongly that our values, coupled with the experience bestowed upon us by an Antioch College education should be brought to the world in other meaningful and effective ways. We will move on in different directions.

Moving on has been a difficult decision for us, but we feel it is the right one. We give thanks to all those whom have provided us guidance. We are especially grateful to the professors, staff, students, friends, and family who have supported us throughout our time at Antioch College. We are confident that we have each made our own marks on this place and we know our vision of what Antioch can be will live on in the future. We trust that the members of the “Fab Four” collective have the talents, skills, energy, and enthusiasm to lead this community through the difficult transition ahead.

Sarah Buckingham
Julian Sharp
Micah Canal
Nicole Bayani

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