ACAN Ad #3 – Non-Stop

ACAN Ad #3 - Non-Stop[display_podcast]

This winter break marks a critical turning point in the movement for Non-Stop Antioch. The College Revival Fund has delivered its first $2 million payment to the university to maintain continuous operations of the college, with another $4.6 million promised by December 15, and admissions is open for new transfer students.

We must sustain our momentum and keep pushing to establish autonomy for the college, lift financial exigency, restore tenure, recruit first-year students, and continue full, uninterrupted academic programs and support services.

We must be especially vigilant during the winter break to assure that our campus, its property and community, are kept safe.

We know that current students face the difficult choice of whether to leave in the face of such uncertainty and ambiguity. We are calling to you to stay with us and to fight, as we are with you. We will do everything we can to support those of you who decide to stay. We’ll join you in the struggle to improve conditions on campus and hold leadership accountable.

We encourage students to get together with alumni in your hometowns over the break. We should all get to know each other better, and work together to defend Antioch and recruit new students. Check for your local chapter information.

We will be stepping up activities in the coming weeks as we gather support and build our agenda. Over 100 individuals have already signed on to our Call to Action first published in the Record last week. We invite all community members; students, faculty, staff, alumni, villagers, friends to join us. Sign your support at

~The Antioch College Action Network

The Antioch College Action Network (ACAN) is a coalition of Antioch College Community Members: students, faculty, staff, alumni, villagers and friends, dedicated to a vibrant, humane, self-governing and self-sustaining Antioch College.

Operating on principles of direct participatory democracy, ACAN continues to work towards a true Non-Stop Antioch, uncompromised in its academic integrity and commitment to personal responsibility and social justice.

In these endeavors, ACAN advocates autonomy, independence, and shared community governance; meaning self-representative and thus open, public and mutually accountable democratic decision-making processes, faculty tenure, common respect for all community members particularly students and employees, sustainable student services, aggressive admissions, and faculty-driven curriculum for Antioch College.