Committees Start Task, Awaiting Leadership of New Dean of Faculty

With the advent of new committees appointed by AdCil, progress will likely soon be made towards the viability of the college under the coordination of Dean of Faculty Nominee Hassan Nejad.

By Alex Borowicz

As the academic term winds down to its final weeks, three committees have been formed to answer the budding needs of this new stage in the saga of Antioch’s rebirth. A product of a meeting of the Administrative Council on 14th November, the appointees to the three committees find themselves faced with a short time frame and a lot of ground to cover.

The committees, dubbed the Student Services and Facilities Committee, the Academic Program Resource Review Committee, and the Budget Committee, are to examine the current state of the college and present plans concerning the viability of the college. To deal with the prospect of a continuing Antioch College, committee members will spend the next weeks working to assess the current curriculum, the state of the campus, and the budget, among other things, to provide feasible vision for the future of a college.

“There’s an expectation that we’ll make some changes in the academic program,” said Professor Hassan Rahmanian, a member of the Academic Program Resource Review Committee. According to Rahmanian, Interim President Andrzej Bloch has suggested the committees begin working on short-term changes, but Rahmanian believes that committees should be focusing on solutions that would provide for a longer-term approach that takes into account not only the next year, but a full four years of education. “I don’t know the distinction he’s making between short -and long-term curriculum,” Rahmanian said.

With a deadline in mid-January, the committees will likely struggle to reach their conclusions. And the impending winter vacation will create further problems as faculty members and students leave campus.

The committees will eventually be placed under the guidance of the new Dean of Faculty. Following a vote held in Faculty Senate on Tuesday which nominated Hassan Nejad to the post, the interim president should move towards an appointment during the coming AdCil meeting. Faculty expect that Bloch will accept this nomination and the committees can begin to move forward with his coordination.