Letter from Victoria Hochberg ‘64

I was on an airplane.  It was Fall, early 1960’s.  We had taken off from New York’s LaGuardia Airport and the concrete city with shimmering rivers moved quickly behind us.  We rose into the fog– a world of white, an auspicious beginning for a new student.  When we descended, the earth was a quilt of browns and greens, and then, closer, spotted with… oh my god, there are COWS near the runway.

That was my first glimpse of Ohio, and soon after, the red brick Civil War spires of Antioch College.  Still, to this day, and not to be melodramatic, I feel the battles of America are somehow embedded in this small heartland community.  I take the lessons learned at Antioch with me, like some DNA you simply can’t shake.  Ideas of social justice, practical but considered thought, optimism that we are a country that can do the right thing, and a belief that these central ideas that make us who we are, will survive long into the future.

We are the sleeping dragon of Antioch Alumni.  And we have woken up.

Victoria Hochberg ‘64