Letter from Michael Casselli ’87

Shit, where to start? The current situation has served to divide the community instead of bringing it together. The amount of information/ disinformation has reached such a level that I feel overwhelmed in trying to determine where exactly we are. Sure the school is staying open, but if we are reading the Agreement and the Resolution co rectly, at what cost? There has to be a community-wide clarification from the body that represented Antioch, the AB, as to what exactly the terms are. I also believe that the role of the AB must change, from being the self-appointed vanguard of this fight, to being a secondary player, helping to support the members of the community that are directly affected by the situation at the college.

These are the faculty, the staff, and the students. It is their lives that are directly affected by this crisis, not the AB’s. We as alumni lose our alma mater, but these people on the ground, these people at the college lose their livelihood, their careers, their stability and their lives that they have built for so many years. Their voices must be heard, and their desires must be respected. Our relationship must change and we must work together to foster this ailing institution, to help it to grow and flourish, but this will not happen without the inclusion of those on the ground.

Yes, I want an active role in the future of this college; my dream has always been to one day come back to teach and give back to Antioch what it gave to me, but I cannot see this happening without a respect for the people whose lives will be so radically effected by its failure.

Michael Casselli
Class of 1987