Letter from Jude Demers ‘97

   My name is Jude, Antioch College class of ‘97.  Recently I was able to display some of my art work in the fishbowl in the student Union. It was part of the Antioch College prayer flags display set up by Louise Smith and the Artist in Residence.  Now I am grateful to be an Antiochian.
This evening I was reading the bios of noteworthy alumni I retrieved from the alumni office in Weston during the time we were supposed to have received the decision to lift the suspension.  Better late than never. Is it anticlimactic to have the decision a week after we were led to believe we would have one when we were all here, before alumni and media went home to New York, LA and Chicago and others places? 
Antioch College and its humanitarian, environmentalist, civil rights workers, animal rights advocates, so on and so forth, continue to be amongst a community of the most responsible, accountable, caring, and peaceful artists, scientists, and people of every walk of life that I have ever met.  I praise God for Antioch College.  I thank the Great Spirit that Antioch College has stayed open.  I bow down to the Buddha nature in you all.

The Time Is Now. Carpe Diem. Let’s stand up for the cause of racial equality, peace, GLBT and women’s rights, the environment, and animal rights, together forever.

Jude Demers ‘97