Letter from Bethany Sansing ’93

   I was surprised by my initial emotional response to the announcement that my alma mater was going to close.  I was shocked and extremely upset.  I graduated from Antioch College almost 14 years ago, and I still consider my decision to transfer to Antioch as one of the best decisions I ever made.  The fact that my school may cease to exist was just incredibly depressing. 

I haven’t been back in Yellow Springs since my 10 year reunion, so, even though I attended the Pittsburgh alumni chapter meeting held a few months back, I have been wondering how rational my reaction was.  Still, I keep reading and watching and waiting (and pledging).  One of the most recent emails forwarded to me was an article in the Yellow Springs newspaper which included a bunch of photos of students marching and attending meeting to show support for keeping the school open.

Those pictures are what really struck me.  Even though it has been over a decade, I can still see myself there.  I look at the current Antioch College Community and the thought that comes to mind is… I’m STILL part of that community.  What a wonderful feeling!  Of course I should be upset!  Of course I should try and h yelp to keep it open!  I am so glad for Antioch College. Seeing so many members of my community coming together and making a difference is so inspiring.  I was grateful Antioch existed when I went searching for someplace where I would get an excellent education… both academically and socially… and I am overjoyed that it will continue to exist.
Go Antioch!

Bethany Sansing
Class of ‘93