To The Editors

To the Editors, Kim-Jenna  Jurriaans & Jeanne Kay:

It is hard to express all the feelings of joy and frustration, of elation and disappointment  from being on campus last week during the meetings of the Board of Trustees and the Alumni Board.  Particularly as decisions which we all hoped would have already been made are still on hold as negotiations continue.  But it is easy to be proud to be an Antiochian, more so now than ever.  Proud to see the Alumni rise up and support our college.  Proud to get to know the incredible alumni who have put together plans for the future and raised more money in four months than has ever been raised before in many times that period.  Proud to see the students led by CG pull together for the common good of the college which they clearly love as much as any who have graduated.  And who are as deserving of the degree as any who have gone before.  Proud of the faculty who have stood by the college and the students.  Proud of the staff who are working under the most trying of circumstances, with special kudos to the development staff who have accomplished miracles over the past few months without knowing whether it would be enough (it is, for now). Proud to walk around the village and see such support from the YS News and other local businesses. I arrived cautiously optimistic and, since the announcement that the AB had raised $18 million almost three times the  figure that the BoT said was required, remain optimistic that the suspension order will be lifted, the college will get its own board of trustees and will become sustainable on the model that we recognize as the heart and soul of the Antioch experience.
I look forward to being proud that the University Trustees will recognize the right thing and do it soon.  That they will soon acknowledge all the “yes” signs, large and small, around campus and the quality, dedication and potential of the current students who posted them.

Allen Spalt, ‘66