Major Donor Meeting Ends Unresolved

A five-hour meeting in New York City on Monday between six major donors, the executive committee of the Board of Trustees and representatives of the Alumni Board did not resolve the impasse threatening the scheduled transfer of $4.6 million for the Antioch College revival due on December 15. The meeting, described by one attendee as “very serious,” produced a memorandum to the university that will be further discussed at the next Board of Trustees Governance Committee meeting in Dallas on Sunday, December 2.
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Committees Start Task, Awaiting Leadership of New Dean of Faculty

With the advent of new committees appointed by AdCil, progress will likely soon be made towards the viability of the college under the coordination of Dean of Faculty Nominee Hassan Nejad.

By Alex Borowicz

As the academic term winds down to its final weeks, three committees have been formed to answer the budding needs of this new stage in the saga of Antioch’s rebirth. A product of a meeting of the Administrative Council on 14th November, the appointees to the three committees find themselves faced with a short time frame and a lot of ground to cover.

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Antioch College Action Network


To truly reverse its closure, Antioch College needs to begin acting like it’s open, and begin building on its vibrant academic foundation to grow into a healthy, self-sufficient institution.

To make this happen, Antioch must immediately:

    • establish the College Advisory Board and invest it with real authority, including hiring a College President
    • remove internal barriers and begin recruiting and admitting new and transfer students for Fall ‘08
    • restore tenure and remove the threat of firing that hangs over faculty and staff
    • maintain all academic and support services during renovations
    • hold leadership accountable for past decisions and statements
    • ensure an open and participatory decision making process
    • guarantee a commitment from leadership to operate on principles of openness and honesty
    • have leaders committed to the turnaround of Antioch College
    • call for respect in communications from all university officials so the College’s already challenging task isn’t made more difficult

If you agree with this message lend your name to the cause by signing our online petition at

– Antioch College Action Network

The Antioch College Action Network is an informal coalition of students, faculty, staff, alumni, villagers and friends of the college. We will contact all those who sign about joining us once we have a chance to organize more.

Time to Move On

While drinking my routine cup of coffee in Emporium yesterday, my eyes lingered for a minute on the bright red flag near the window that reads “Antioch alive!” I remember thinking “Yeah… It is for now. But for how long?”

In spirit, the campus appears pretty dead right now; students and faculty are trying to secure a future at other institutions and alumni throughout the country are once again left without agency. Continue reading Time to Move On