To the Editor:

The Antioch University blurb, posted at the end of press releases  and  the like, reads: “Antioch College is part of Antioch  University…,”
These careful semantics cannot hide the plain truth: Antioch  College  is the taproot of Antioch University. And it always will be.
While McGregor continues to move towards a more market driven educational product (and this explains why I, former Antioch  student  turned mother of three, am able to attend), they may have  unknowingly  given the student body more power than even self- governance allows.  For consumers hold the power in an open market  economy, and we are  finding our voice.
While various groups work to “save” Antioch College, we students  must  reach our arms across this tiny town and forge connections. The  leadership can build buildings, and they can tear them down  if they  choose. But what grows, and lives, will come from us.

United we stand.

Brooke Bryan
McGregor Student Mailbox #19