Dispatches from Community Meeting

If Horace Mann’s vaunted credo weren’t so fitting, “Work hard; party hard” might do the trick. So when attendance at Community Meeting waned, one of the parties in Antioch’s Holy Trinity was trash-talked by several community voices.
The Black and Tan Formal, of one of Antioch’s cultural cornerstones, was criticized by several community members for potentially depressing student attendance at important and expensive Community Day events.
Student and former Community Manager, Levi B. Cowperthwaite wanted students to consider monitoring their partying and regulating their workload so that they could participate meaningfully in events planned for Community Day, including guest speaker Allan G. Johnson’s 10:00 a.m. presentation.
Cowperthwaite observed that students have treated the past years’ Community Days as time to recuperate from the previous night’s partying or to catch up on homework.
Associate Dean of Faculty, Eli Nettles said, “I’m terrified Allan’s going to show up and there are seven people here.” She then said that she’d be honored if the date of Black and Tan was changed.
Nettles also said that an anonymous donor gave $5,000 to bring Johnson back to campus, because in light of the suspension of operations, Antioch couldn’t afford Johnson’s price tag.
“Since I was a first year, I though it was unfair to Community Day to have Black and Tan the night before,” said third-year Rachel Sears.
Events Manager Rory Adams-Cheatham was a staunch proponent for the party to remain the night before Community Day, “It’s the best party of the year a lot of the time…Antioch used to be the people who partied the hardest worked the hardest.”
But she conceded to the concerns raised, “I want to do what you all want…Come talk to me.”
And elsewhere in McGregor 113…Community Member of the Week was awarded to a talented cadre of current and former students, Dennie Eagleson was in two places at once to equalize Allan Johnson’s levels, CGC gave an update on Antioch’s next best thing, and announcements revealed that Antiochians are preoccupied with identity, sex, and war.
Community Member of the Week was awarded to fourth years (trivia with) Beth Goodney and (“lost in the Glen”) Julian Sharp. Nobel Prize Winner Mario Capecchi ’61 also got a certificate and most probably a hit-up for a donation.
Author Allan Johnson is coming to talk and do workshops on Community Day. A video of his presentation last term was projected on the wall.