Admissions 101

Active and engaged members of the extended Antioch College community are critical to a healthy admissions effort. Current students, faculty, staff, and alumni demonstrate what it is like to live Antioch College and they demonstrate what an Antioch College education does—for the individuals who take up the challenge and for the communities in which they live.

College admissions is a complex, fascinating profession that mixes counseling, marketing, research, education, community building, and ethics. In an effort to meet the needs of Antiochians eager for more information about admissions—at Antioch and in general, I bring you “Admissions 101,” regular admissions training bits for the greater Antioch community. Training alumni and others in the Antioch community in admissions is also a responsibility outlined in the admissions code of ethics, The National Association of College Admissions Counseling Statement of Principles and Good Practice (SPGP).

Antioch Admissions Do’s & Don’ts

Officially, Antioch College will suspend operations on June 30, 2008. Alumni, students, faculty, staff, the Yellow Springs community, and other friends of the College are working toward the continuation of operations. Until an official change in status is announced, however, it is unethical to recruit students to Antioch College.

Along with our own consciences, the governing organization of the admissions profession, the National Association of College Admissions Counseling (NACAC), does have the power to censure colleges and universities who violate the code of the ethics which guides the profession. Antioch College’s membership to NACAC and adherence to its “Statement of Principles of Good Practice” are arguably as important as maintaining the College’s accreditation. Without the NACAC seal of approval, our national recruitment efforts would virtually grind to a halt.

So what is to be done?! Here is a quick guide of Admissions Do’s and Don’ts to get us through this period of ambiguity.

•    Encourage students to apply for Fall 08 or beyond, in any way, explicit or implied.
•    Contact schools, college guides, organizations, counselors, and/or companies for the purpose of advancing Antioch College as an option for students.

•    Celebrate Antioch & Your Achievements—Continue submitting your love letters to Antioch. Wear your College hoodie, t-shirt, cap and display your Antioch bumper stickers/window clings. Tell those who ask how Antioch College changed your life.
•    Show Antioch—demonstrate in your community what an Antioch education means, not just talk about it. A great example of “showing” would be to work with your local alumni association chapter to organize a workshop or training related to the skills/knowledge gained through your Antioch experience. Make the educational event free and open to the public. This is not recruitment—it is a great community service activity that increases the visibility of the College.
•    Be Honest—when you are asked about the situation at the College, be honest.
•    Encourage Interested Individuals to Watch the Developments at Antioch College—it is not unethical to encourage someone to watch what is developing at Antioch. Antiochians, past and present, are extraordinary and the College itself is genuinely distinctive in the landscape of U.S. higher education—in short, we are worth watching.
•    Remember, students come first—the interests, needs, and success of the student is paramount.

If you have questions, ideas, suggestions, please contact me at
Angie Glukhov
Director of Admissions & Transition Services

Next Week: Enrollment Management and Prospect. Management.