Dispatches From Community Meeting

   Community Meeting galloped hard down the stretch. McGregor 113 was packed by a quarter past and the agenda was front-loaded with guest speakers, the revelation of Community Member of the Week (CMOTW), Beth’s Trivia, and a sluggish announcements segment. A quickly dissembled pulse discussion dismissed attendees by 4:03 p.m..

Manager of Dining Services, Marvin Bohn, snagged Community Member of the Week. Bohn was lauded by the venerable CCR CMs (Chelsea, Corry and Rory) for his service on CafCil and the Campus Greening Committee. A little field research yielded that the apples in the meeting’s fruit bowl were firm this week. Coincidence?

Exiled Clevelander Peter Zummo, a professor from the New York Arts Program, made an appeal to students to join his program. The New York Arts Program offers a 16 credit semester with 12 of those credits coming from an arts apprenticeship.

The irascible Bill Whitesell couldn’t help but inquire as to the big city’s safety reputation. Recounting his experience in the city 30 years ago, he wondered in earnest if students would get mugged if they traveled to New York.

Zummo, a noted trombonist, regaled the community with anecdotal evidence to attest to the city’s current high safety level. Using an epithet in sheep’s clothing, Zummo recalled his personal run-in with a Good Samaritan on the subway. He was promptly clapped for and thanked for coming.

What’s funnier: that CFB funds were reduced by $2,000 or that Horace Mann died of milk poisoning?

The latest CG budget reduced CFB funds to a total $5,600. To request funds, propose your request at Community Meeting. Fill out a CFB request and turn them in to CG by 12:00 p.m. the next day, forms can be found in CG. Then bring your request to CFB at 4:45 p.m. on Wednesday in the main building conference room.

Trivia with Beth was a joke. Winners this week get first dibs on that big cake for Founder’s Day. Whitesell correctly answered that great American novelist, Nathaniel Hawthorne was Mann’s brother-in-law. Natalie Martin won big by explaining that old cows who ate bad grass produced bad milk. Mann drank bad milk, which explains that bad milk in the Caf is a tradition, not a mistake.

In pulse, student AdCil representative Julian Sharp announced that a press conference will be held at Antioch next Tuesday, October. 8, at 3 p.m. –in place of community meeting– to produce the community referendum vote to the media. A debriefing about this event will be held, per the Legislative Code, next Monday evening. Look for more announcements around this event.

Rowan Kaiser ’05, shared his observation that the university structure was approved at a BoT meeting on October 16th, 1977. This means, he said, the university will be celebrating its 30th birthday on college’s community day on October 16th. He recommended the college throw its ill-conceived experiment a party.