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This is your one-stop site for all things revival. should be your greatest resource for finding the latest banter between Antiochians, networking with alumni across the globe, and keeping up-to-date on all happenings of the Alumni board and their resolution.
Community access for all Antiochians.  Here you can discuss all things Antioch on a community forum, create a blog, and learn the latest.  The possibilities keep growing for this new virtual community.
I hear the voices of all brands of Antiochians, as they tell their stories about their time at Antioch and the education they received. Stop by this page to submit your own narrative.   Also a resource for podcasts of important meetings.
Looking for a place to publish your fabulous idea for a new Antioch?  The Antioch Vision Wiki is the place to cross paths with other Antioch reformers looking to the future.
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A site for Antiochians and community members “to share stories…both good and bad.”
Download a copy of the faculty lawsuit, read about the recent vote of no confidence, and stay up-to-date on all things regarding the Antioch College faculty.
Rifle through useful documents pertaining to the University and College.  Learn about finances and the history of what Bob Devine calls a “Sisyphean Nightmare.”

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