They too were once young

Eric Miller–Professor of Cooperative Education

Where were you when you were 20?
I was here at Antioch.
What were you studying?
I was a psychology major. When I entered I was into education, but I switched.
Who was president of Antioch when you were here?
Bill Berenbaum
What was the student’s opinion of him?
The students generally hated him. That was kind of the birth of the university system in 1977 when I was 20. The university system was created under Bill Berenbaum. The writing on the wall that we saw was that Bill was a New Yorker, so he wasn’t here. He would come in once a month for a few days. A lot of the campus policies were ignored back then.  He had a manager which was very similar to Andrzej’s current position. He was the main operating manager while the president was away. Students and faculty were not very fond of this arrangement. People complained about it a lot, it was a big issue in AdCil.
What was going on politically in the United States?
It was the Carter years. There was a lot going on in Central America, especially with the war in El Savador. Things were also starting to heat up in Nicaragua and Panama as well. The issues that I mostly paid attention to were going on in Central America. Carter, even though he has a good boy image now being a retired president who was involved with peace issues, was supporting the School of the Americas which trained South and Central American militants here in America. That school is still some what going today.
Were there any books that influenced you at the time?
The thing about being in college [was] you don’t really get to choose the books you read. Just remember I was 20 at the time but I was really into the Carlos Castaneda series. I was really all over the place with my reading.
What sort of music were you into?

Well the late 70’s were not the best for music. Punk and New Age were just coming into the scene. Disco was still around, but the good stuff from the late 60’s and early 70’s was not really happening anymore. I always liked jazz and especially the jazz fusion going on at the time.