Dispatches from Community Meeting

It was one of those community meetings where no one throws punches because the CMs broke up the fight before it could start, but props for showing up. Great attendance at this community meeting, I personally didn’t show up this week I just cribbed this from another reporter.
In short order:  Andzrej had a conversation with Ruth in Pulse.  Trivia came back to school with Beth.  There were seven announcements and each was repeated twice.  Rory explained that there’s $6,500 in CAB or CFB or whatever.  According to their reports AdCil was a little off the chain, ComCil didn’t do anything but deem Fela chair, and GreenCil didn’t meet.
In Pulse Andrzej again stood in front of the community to play pitch and catch.  He came prepared with some answers from last week’s questions.

For starters, Andrzej clarified who Antioch’s president is, “Yes it is true that Steve Lawry is the president of Antioch College,” though he said, “The university decided to transfer all executive powers to me.”
At which point Bill Whitesell said, “I’m not convinced by this.”To that Andrzej said, “We live in a world of uncertainty.”
Ruth asked what Andrzej’s change in title implied to which he replied, “I am the Chief Academic Officer,” he said, “Whatever that title means, my role is to assume the executive powers of the president right now.”
Later in the meeting Ruth asked how Antioch could preserve its accreditation if it reorganized and formed its own board of trustees.  Andrzej tried to explain the process as plainly as possible.  There are two accreditation boards, he said.  One of them is the Ohio Board of Regents.  Though this body, Antioch College has its own accreditation.  But through the North Central Higher Learning, the other accrediting body, the college’s accreditation is through the university.  It would take two-three years to reapply for this accreditation, Andrzej explained.  This specific accreditation allows for students at the college to be eligible and to receive federal tuition relief.
But when the crowd groaned Andrzej said, “Don’t be so pessimistic.  There are ways to work it out.”
Beth, in regards to the incident regarding the office of institutional development before the labor day weekend, asked Andrzej, “Why couldn’t the development staff be approached on a professional level?”
He said that there were a lot of mistakes made by both the university and the college in the handling of that situation.  Andrzej identified Toni Murdoch as the source for the directive regarding the closure of the office of institutional advancement before the holiday weekend.
The office of institutional advancement will begin to raise money for the revival fund. Andrzej said that it is projected that the office of institutional advancement move to Weston Hall by the end of the month.  There, advancement will be working to raise money on two fronts, cash for the annual fund that addresses annual operating expenses and cash/pledges for the revival fund.
Andrzej clarified that the library is currently hiring and training adjunct librarians in order to extend the library hours.
Fela asked for Milt and Lynda to be present in community meetings since they have been named to the new leadership team to head the college.  Andrzej invited Milt to stand in front of the community and said that Lynda wouldn’t be present adding, “Lynda’s role is relatively narrow.”
When Fela asked Milt to be more visible in meetings, he replied, “My role is to help students advance through this year.”  He then said that his office is always open.
Community meeting over and out.  Next week same damn time, same damn sandbox.