McGregor moves to Campus West

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Since 8 a.m. today moving trucks have been pulling up to Livermore Street and parking on all sides of Sontag Fels Hall. Movers are bustling in and out of the building, carrying cardboard boxes and office appliances. Three weeks before the beginning of their September Term, McGregor is moving to Campus West. Over the next four days, the University will be transferred to the new 94 000 square feet building on the edge of Yellow Springs.

McGregor University President Barbara Danley declared that she expected very minimal disruption in the activities of the University; “The building is already wireless, and we have a commitment to respond to our learners to the best of our capacity,” she said in an interview this morning. She confirmed that the IT department would be moved to the new campus but assured that service would continue to be provided to the college. She further dismissed the rumor that the building would be shared by franchised businesses: “We have committed ourselves to doing no harm to the Yellow Springs businesses”, she explained, “but we need to have a service providing quick food—not fast food—to our learners”. Danley reported having contacted local businesses such as Current Cuisine and Young’s Dairy to cater to the University.

The news about the Board of Trustee’s decision to suspend operations at Antioch College has had a negative effect on enrollments, according to Danley: “We got a big enrollment hit,” she declared. Targets, nevertheless, will be met: “We will reach our full numbers,” she assured. The previsions for the upcoming term are hovering around 750 full time undergraduate and graduate students.

In regard to concerns about McGregor courses, facilities and conferences being less accessible to students of the college, Danley said that the distance between the two campuses was walkable, and added that arrangements could potentially be made to facilitate the transfer from campus to campus.

The transition from Sontag Fels to West Campus will be complete on Friday 7th September. McGregor University will open its brand new doors to students on September 22nd.