Dear Michael & Shauna
Thanks for being amazing!!

Drunk people do not equal fair game. Please watch your hands


Katrina U Make me happy!

Bonner LOVE!!

Yoga and healing-
Just ask Jack

Hickey Boogney,
Your love is like a river peaceful and deep

Thanks 4 holdin it down

Dear Rory,
We can M.L. as long as you don’t vom.
love, Sam

Gabriella Ruiz are we still friends?
[heart] your platonic life partner

All returning 4th and 3rd years, you’re amazing! Keep holding it down! [heart Ruthie]

Go on a walk in the glen

Dear Meghan Pergrem, I think you are the hottest girl on campus. Way hotter than Nicole Bayani.
[heart] Rory

You’re the Plas I want to be [heart] one half an intense friend

Thanks caf staff for feeding us!
Thank you Antioch for being here. More important thank you Antioch students and faculty for being here

Julie you are my bear and twin

Sorry I’m so awkward. I have no idea what the deal is. Either way you’re too cute for words. I can hardly even talk to you

Emma Woo,
Great job at the emporium. You’re a beautiful song bird. [heart] V

Rory & Meghan
I love you.
No Seriously.
love, Nicole

Girl with the guns: Back again, eh? Couldn’t be happier to see you. love, Cowboy boots

Loving you is easy cause you’re beautiful
Do Do Do Do oh…

Thank you Ed for being such an amazing friend while we were in Tanzania

What are the squirrels thinking?
Anonymous squirrel lover [heart]

Thank you for coming back! You’re all beautiful!