Updates from the O of T

By Jeanne Kay

“The numbers change everyday”, emphasized Janice Kinghorn, Associate Professor of Economics working in the Office of Transition. Since Antioch has adopted yet another acronym last June, the OT has been busy working individually with students to provide them with orientation and help in this time of crisis; it has also been trying to keep track of who will be returning to campus in the Fall. The uncertain state of affairs, however, makes it difficult to keep a steady count of the student population. “A lot of parents call and ask: ‘What’s going to be left there?’ I must answer that I don’t know”, confesses Kinghorn.

Despite the continuously evolving status of the headcount, the OT has been able to provide us with the current data.
The number of students that will be matriculated at the college is hovering between 248 (Registrar) and 212 (OT) (NB:
The discrepancy is due to the fact that the OT is referring to confirmed enrolments and the Registrar to confirmed attritions). We are expecting 70 entering students, including 49 actual first years and a staggering 14 international and exchange students. One of the most uncertain number is that of the Graduating class of 2008, which should approximate 90.
The OT is also dedicated to helping transferring ones. “Many students ask us ‘What schools does Antioch have deals with?’”, says Kinghorn, “but this is not the way to go: we want students to seek out schools that are a good fit for them in the first place, and then we see what we can do to facilitate the transfer”.