Stakeholders List Announced

The BOT meeting of August 25th will take place at the Cincinnati airport Holiday Inn. The morning session, from 9:00 to 12:00 will be open to all community members, who will have to register their name with CG in order to be able to ask their questions to the Board. The afternoon meeting however, will be strictly reserved to the few selected stakeholders who will represent the different factions of the Antioch Community.

The list of stakeholders approved by the Board has been released on Tuesday 8/21 and is as follows:

  • Union: Steven Duffy
  • Non-union staff: Judy Kintner
  • Faculty: Tom Haugsby, Hassan Rahmanian, Chris Hill, Pat Mische and Beverly Rodgers
  • Students: Beth Goodney and Fela Pierrelouis
  • Community Government: Chelsea Martens and Rory Adams-Cheatham

One thought on “Stakeholders List Announced”

  1. 8/24/07 List of Invited Stakeholders:

    • Faculty: Beverly Rodgers, Patricia Mische, Hassan Rahmarnian and Andrzej Bloch
    • Non-Union Staff: Judith Kintner
    • Union Staff: Steve Duffy
    • YS Community: Eric Swansen, Karen Wintrow, Mark Crockett, Jane Baker and Dan Young
    • Community Government / Students: Chelsea Martens, Victoria “Rory“ Adams-Cheatham, Elizabeth “Beth” Goodney and Cindy “Fela” Pierrelouis
    • Alumni: Ellen Borgersen, Michael J. Brower, Richard “Rick” Daily, Tendaji Ganges, Catherine Jordan, Tim Klass, Miguel Santiago, Allen Spalt , Steven Schwerner, J. Greg Williams and Karen Mulhauser
    • Former BOT Members: Eric Bates
    • Antioch University McGregor: Fred Bartenstein

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