Art-faggery Loves Company

By the CCNWSS (Mariel Traiman)

Last Friday night up and coming visual artist and community member extraordinaire Lauren Hind debuted her first public art opening at the Sidewinder café in Cincinnati. A handful of Antiochians were in attendance, to support Hind and drink free wine. Record photographer Kari Thompson and I were extremely impressed by Hind’s ability to blend fantasy with reality, and past with present to create art which shows reality beyond a single frame. Hind uses gel medium transfer to take images out of context and place them in a constructed reality which comments on the fluidity of perceived social norms. Overall the event was a classy one, to be remembered, and a wonderful coming out for Hind.

After the event and inspired by the enviable artistry, the Antiochians in attendance hit the streets of Cincinnati with gale force attempting to live the art they never see in galleries. Yes, you can still smoke in bars in Cincinnati, but after dancing, enjoying some first class drag and spending too much money we were left wondering why we go out in public if we’re only interested in hitting on each other.