AdCil Spill

Rick Jurasek takes a close lookSteve Lawry Stands Tall
by Foster Neill

This Tuesday’s AdCil started off with excitement when President Steve Lawry entered a giggling MBCR to find himself atop The Rock’s body in a full sized color version of the “Talking Tall” movie poster previously printed in the Record. Lawry had asked for a copy of the spoof poster after it was printed in the Nov. 3rd issue and the Record promised to deliver. Lawry’s immediate response to the poster occupying his usual seat was “Oh” (smile) “Thanks.”

After a brief Record photo shoot, Lawry said with a chuckle, “I like the ‘Pain and Justice’ part.”

After turning the poster around, presumably for fear of distraction, the meeting began in earnest. Minutes were quickly approved after a few corrections were pointed out and AdCil moved into closed session.Above: Steve Lawry meets himself, admires own likeness on ‘buiilt’

The only topic of discussion involved FPRC’s (Faculty Personnel Review Committee) activities this term.