Piano Broken, Replaced

By Foster Neill


Last week, the piano in the Dancespace was destroyed. The socalled piano, a rotting instrument falling apart, though entirely out of tune and already broken in many ways, was often played, sometimes drunkenly, at parties and through out the day. Many loved the piano, many hated it. Loved for its freedom, hated because it sounded awful and few people actually know how to play a piano.

The destruction of said piano was raised during Community Meeting, and though it was admitted the piano was in poor shape, it was also decidedly a loss for the community. Many faculty members were especially concerned, as the behavior was largely seen as unnecessary and irresponsible.

The destroyer of the piano, who ever that may have been, was urged to take responsibility and compensate the community with a replacement. Later in the week an electronic piano of sorts was found in the area where the old piano had been, to both groans and glee. The replacement piano was last seen in the AIMAC recording studio where it was being played.