Can’t We All Skate Along?

20061006-cantweall.jpgThis is Charles Arthur Williams. My last article written was about the influence the students of Antioch have had on hip-hop. What I addressed was education, inspiration, and issues connected within the hip-hop community. Issues include events in other genre’s of entertainment, music, and/or other means of artistry producing controversy as well as satisfaction, I know that when I think back the 113 Victor Ave in Dayton, Oh, my biggest blessing I could have was a skateboard. Almost 21 years ago my daily regiment was skate in the basement, skate on the street, skate down the hill in the back alley, skate till the street light comes on, eat, sleep, wake up the next morning and skate.

Saturdays were ‘do what you want to day’. We were jumping off of ramps. We’ve been doing ollys in the back alley. There were friends or kids in the neighbor hood patrolled the streets just like we were. As I got older, I’ve slipped away from my skater days to grow in music. Funny enough, turn your channel to ESPN2, there’s skating competitions, in addition you also have music to accompany these spectacular events. One day watching a skate video special on Spike T.V., there was a crew trying to build a company. Sorry I can’t remember the crew’s name, but what they were building was a company that specialized in tools and parts distributed to big companies for bike or skate repair. However, there was another crew that opposed. Of course, tension was thick when they crossed paths. Fights broke out. Couple of people went to jail. Touchy issues were never addressed; they were misread. It wasn’t until one of crewmembers on the opposing end was murdered that one of the skate crewmember approached his opponent with sincerity, forgiveness, and an offering. The two crews linked up and now have one of the top hip-hop/skate venues in the Nation today. Can’t we all skate along?