Fire Week @ Antioch

FIRE… Let it Burn ~ Radical Celebration of Fire Week; October 9th – 15th @ Antioch College. 2006

Fire UP!

Fire is a symbol that holds great meaning and power. For many radicals, it is a source of energy and empowerment. It is an awesome, fascinating element of this world.

Fire! It’s both Destructive and Creative…It’s controversial… It’s Chaotic, Sexy, and Revolutionary… It is both an end and a beginning, and in it’s moment of existence it holds great mysteries and holds great potential.

Why does fire seem so controversial? Perhaps it’s because fire, like all power, is controlled carefully in this society.
A radical celebration of fire means STOKE the FIRE! Turn up the Heat… Get Goin’! Get Active, let’s GO! LET IT BURN!
“Cause we can build a new world from the ashes of the old!” So look for posters…announcements and updates for Hot Events this upcoming FIRE WEEK!