Kelsey’s Promise: One Small Voice

By: Linda Sattem

Kelsey was a first year student in the spring of 2004 when she left Antioch College following an emotional break. She was creative, artistic, and full of life when she arrived here earlier in the fall. And yet by the summer she died at her own hand. The puzzle of young people, mental health and illness, and suicide can be overwhelming. Kelsey’s life and death touched many, and now her parents are giving Antioch College students a chance to help pick up the pieces of the puzzle. Kelsey’s parents, Linda and Rock, approached the Counseling and Wellness Center early last spring, with one question, if they gave us back the money the college had refunded them when Kelsey withdrew, could we help to prevent this from happening with other students?

Through the past months, we have worked with these amazing people to develop several areas to help students both here and, eventually elsewhere.

The largest project is the development of a campus-based educational campaign by a student to address college students, mental health and illness, and suicide. The parents wanted an educational campaign that addressed students in their language, through their mediums, with their message.

From the initial submissions of concept papers and supporting attachments, three finalists will each be given $100 to more fully develop their educational campaign. The finalists will present to the Community, who will help select the campaign that will be implemented at Antioch College and offered to other colleges. There is a $700 award for the person who develops the selected campaign.

The deadline for initial submissions is fast approaching, Monday September 18 at noon in the Counseling Center (North Hall). Information and submission forms are available on First Class and at the Counseling and Wellness Center.

Her parents frequently talk about how much Kelsey loved Antioch. Let’s make Kelsey proud.

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